Intern Lexi, Miss New Jersey USA Candidate

August 18, 2010

Howard asked to meet an intern named Lexi, as she’s due to compete in this year’s Miss New Jersey USA pageant, and she dutifully reported: “This is my second time. I did well [last time]. I was a finalist.” Lexi said the pageant didn’t have ‘Miss America’-esque ‘talent’ requirements, but it did have a bikini/bathing suit portion: “The interview, though, is the main part of it.”

Howard thought Lexi should hang up her tiara if she couldn’t pick up a top finish this year, and Lexi agreed: “It does get embarrassing. Alright, if I don’t get top 3, I’m done.”

Howard then asked a sample interview question: Why do think 15% of American’s can’t find North America on a map? Lexi laughed and then echoed the now famous response to that question given to another pageant contestant: “I know that people do have maps…I think they’re just ill-informed and pay attention to the wrong things.” Howard wished her luck: “Maybe you got a shot. Who knows?”