Howard Loves His Iron Man Helmet

September 2, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard said he’d been so proud of the Iron Man helmet Jon Favreau sent him the other day that he’d texted Ralph a photo of his new office display only to have Ralph text a photo back of his own Iron Man helmet. “Ralph’s got the same goddamn Iron Man head,” Howard said. “I am so disgusted. I am taking the Iron Man head and throwing it out the window.”

Ralph called in to one-up Howard again. Actually, is yours made of metal? Mine is,” he said. Howard answered that in fact his mask is plastic.

Howard complained that he’d even thanked Jon with a long note and a photo of his bookshelf display–even carefully selecting the books visible in the photo: “There’s a Thesaurus and a dictionary and quotes from the Bible.” Howard said he’d soured on Iron Man memorabilia.

“Favreau, stop sending me things. It’s not working out,” Howard joked.