3 Day Weekend = A Trip to Germany

September 7, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard read a few of Robin’s tweets from this weekend–in one, she revealed that she was in Germany–and doubted whether she was keeping to her NY Marathon training schedule: “You’re traveling and running. I don’t even know if you’re preparing properly for the race.”

Robin said she’d continued to train abroad: “I get opportunities and I take them. I had a very relaxing weekend…I ran in the rain in Germany. I saw a deer. It was great.”

Robin laughed that she’d even donned a ‘dirndl’ for a trip to a beer garden: “I got one of those German outfits. You know, the dirndl–that the girls wear? I hope all pictures have been destroyed.”

Howard wished Robin would release the pictures–and admitted he was confused by the breadth of her health-and-wellness platform: “It’s very ‘Eat Pray Love.’ Except with enemas.”