Howard Hits a Party at Jon Bon Jovi’s Place

Howard describes the swanky Hamptons shindig

September 7, 2010
Photo: PRPhotos

Howard said he’d attended a party at Jon Bon Jovi’s Hamptons home over the weekend and met fashion entrepreneur Tamara Mellon. “She runs Jimmy Choo shoes … I think she dated Christian Slater for a while,” he said. “There’s a catch … She’s a big earner.”

Howard also recalled talking with jewelry designer Ann Dexter-Jones, rocker Patti Smith, and tennis legend and John McEnroe.

Richard Gere and Jack Nicholson Aren’t Stern Fans?

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Beth still hadn’t shown up when it came time to eat, so Howard wandered around with his plate, looking for a place to sit and eat. Howard saw Matt Lauer and Katie Couric sitting with Richard Gere but didn’t sit with them: “I don’t know if Richard Gere likes me.”

Beth showed up shortly after and convinced Howard to introduce himself to Richard. “And this is what I hate doing but I’m doing it because I feel like I have no choice,” he recalled.

Howard said his big mistake was introducing Beth as well. “Next thing I know the two of them are deep in conversation about animals and animal rescue,” he laughed.

Howard joked that he felt like a male lead in one of Sal Governale’s fetish films. “I definitely felt like [I was in] one of those cuckold videos,” he said with a laugh.

An introduction to actor Jack Nicholson went even worse. “He didn’t seem to be impressed with me or want to talk to me,” Howard said. “It was horrible.”