Scott the Engineer’s ‘Sliding Sock’

September 9, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Steve Langford reported that Scott ‘The Engineer’ Salem had been invited to roll in the World Series of Bowling–the report immediately led to speculation that Scott’s finicky bowling habits would keep him from participating.

JD reported that Scott even wears a slipper on one foot when he bowls, so Scott came in to explain: “It’s not a slipper. It’s called a sliding sock.”

Howard got a kick out of the idea: “You should wear that everyday so that people know you’re a bowler.” Scott said he started wearing the sliding sock after tiring of a ‘sticky’ new pair of leather-bottomed bowling shoes: “I stuck. I would fall over…my shoes don’t slide the way I want them to.”

Howard asked what else Scott planned to wear at the World Series of Bowling, so Scott shrugged: “I’ll have to get a nice outfit. A bowling shirt. You know.”

The Black Cloud to Darken the World Series of Bowling

Howard thought The Black Cloud was sure to follow Scott to the competition: “You’re going to panic and go up there and bowl a 120 and come back and go, ‘You wouldn’t believe the lanes. How greased they are.'”

Before he left, Scott said he planned to talk with the organizers as soon as possible–he’d only just learned about the invitation: “This is the first I’ve heard about it…it definitely would be exciting to do.”