Forced Farter Intoxication

More from Will the Farter in the studio.

September 13, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard asked after Will’s side-job as ‘Brutal Master,’ his gay sex-line handle, so Will revealed that he’d recently had a client ask for a ‘forced intoxication session,’ explaining: “He pretty much wants me to force him to get drunk and then make him pay me [additional funds] in cash.” Will said he made $500 by verbally abusing the guy with lines like “Listen you f’ing f*ggot, I want you to open your wallet and give me that fag cash.” Howard was surprised by Will’s use of the word ‘f*g,’ so Will explained that it was risky–only some ‘slaves’ like when he uses the word: “If I call the wrong person a f*g, they go crazy.” Howard continued to press Will for samples of his ‘Brutal Master’ persona, and Will obliged: “You better hand over that cash or I’ll shit down your throat, you f’ing f*ggot.”

Will’s Hollywood Bubble

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Will said he recently acquired a SAG card after a cameo in ‘Jackass 3D’: “Hopefully I’ll get an agent out of this.”

As Howard laughed at the idea of Will’s Hollywood career, Richie started gagging in the corner: “It’s like sulfur. It’s the worst smell ever. It’s like when you lick a 9-volt battery. Your whole tongue tastes like iron.”

Will said he was just letting out some extras (“I had some air left over.”) and got down for a triumphant second attempt at blowing ‘fart bubbles.’ Howard was overjoyed: “There it is, Robin! Two bubbles! Tiny bubbles!”