Howard is Also Done With Marathons

An attempt to support his wife renders Howard over them.

September 22, 2010

Spurred by the hair conversation, Howard remembered how he tried to go incognito by hiding his own hair under a hat when he went to watch Beth cross the NY Marathon finish-line. Howard first complained about the spectators who wouldn’t leave him alone: “I missed my wife crossing the finish line! I’ve never admitted that…these people drive me nuts! And then some guy took a picture of me handing my wife a medal. And without my hair, my face looks like a monster.”

Howard explained that he wasn’t actually “without” his hair but had simply tucked it into a cap–a look that haunts him every day now that Beth’s hung the photo above their mantle. Howard said he’d never be a marathon spectator again, as you wait hours for just a seconds-long glimpse of your loved one–even if Robin runs this November: “I love Robin, but I’ll hear about it on Monday.”