Howard’s Anti-Bedbug Suit

September 28, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard started off the show showing Robin his new anti-bedbug hazmat suit: “It doesn’t fit me that great but it’s not bad…it’s completely sealed. As you can see, there’s no [separate] pants.” Robin noted the suit’s anti-bedbug emblem, saying she didn’t notice the suit’s full coverage until Howard stood up: “I thought it was just a cool sweatshirt.” Howard laughed: “No, no. Nothing cool about this…I’m basically sealed off from the rest of society.”

In Case of Poison Gas, Call Howard

Howard complained that Ronnie was also having the limo treated for bedbugs–and only just told Howard the treatment included the use of poison gas. Howard asked Ronnie to get his approval for similar treatments in the future: “If you hear the words ‘poison gas’ in any scenario, call Howard…those two words should trigger something.” Ronnie came in to say it was the standard treatment: “What are you blaming me for, man?!” Howard told Ronnie to just start over: “Buy me a new goddamn car…last time I heard ‘poison gas’ was at Auschwitz.” Tim Sabean came in later to claim he’d prevented the limo from being treated: “I told Ronnie, ‘Stop the process.'” Howard thought Tim was blowing smoke: “You’re guessing that the process hasn’t started. Why are you lying?” Tim eventually confessed to it: “We don’t know a thing but we’re going to find out.” After calling the treatment facility, Ronnie reported: “They didn’t touch the car…they’re going to steam the car, ok?” Howard said he’d have an independent contractor check their work: “After they steam the car, I’m going to hire a company with a dog to sniff the car.”