A New ‘Howard Or…’ Twist

September 29, 2010

Howard said he sent Richard and Sal out to test out a new twist on the ‘Howard or…’ game, one that pits Howard against objects instead of people. Howard explained that the guys asked people on the street, which they would rather get rid of, Howard or: bedbugs, rats, the Ground Zero mosque and venereal disease.

Howard was surprised to learn that he actually ‘beat’ one of them and asked Robin and Fred what they thought it was people would rather get rid of him instead of.

Robin was unsure but thought it was either bedbugs or venereal disease and Fred went with that too.

Howard said they both wrong and went through the results:

bedbugs 9 – Howard 2, mosque 2 – Howard 9 (Fred and Robin were wrong), rats 8 – Howard 3 and venereal disease 10 – Howard 1.