Nick DiPaolo Stops By the Show

October 18, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Nick DiPaolo stopped by to promote his upcoming stand at Caroline’s and refused to explain Greg Giraldo’s death: “Do I understand? I’m not his pharmacist.”

Nick said he knew Greg well, but not well enough to question his sobriety: “Who knows if he was ever completely clean? I’m the worst at judging that…I can’t tell.” Howard asked who gave the best eulogy at the funeral, Nick joked: “Colin [Quinn] at the wake–the night before–he killed.”

Howard wondered if Nick was jealous of Colin’s new Broadway show, but Nick shrugged: “No, because I’m not gay.”

Nick did, however, cop to liking the Tea Party (“Yeah, I like what’s going on there.”) and to getting some help to cope with his wife’s demand of twice-a-day vacation sex: “Which is more than I want to have in a year. So I took Cialis while we were in Antigua.”