Gastric Bypass Surgery Will Change Thea’s Life

A very blunt contestant did her best to win a weight loss surgery on the Stern Show

October 21, 2010
Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Thea said she planned to have gastric bypass surgery to combat the complications of diabetes: “I have four children. This is not about vanity…I want it to be like a rebirth. A new me. A healthier me.”

Thea promised to visit Howard again after the procedure: “I’m gonna get thin so I can rape you.”

Thea then turned to Robin: “Are you f’ing?”

Robin refused to answer: “I’m having a good time. I’m enjoying my life. Right now, all I do is run. I’m not talking.”

Thea got the hint: “I smell dicks.”

Howard took the opportunity to tell Thea the infamous story of Robin’s first date anal sex in a public bathroom, so Thea laughed: “You can’t let somebody just take your booty hole like that! Oh, Robin! That’s some ho-ish shit right there.”