The Joke Man Is Campaigning

November 1, 2010

Jackie ‘The Joke Man’ stopped by to stump for Grammy votes–his album ‘Snart’ has been long-listed in the comedy album category–but Howard doubted they’d talk long: “Jackie was never a good guest.”

Fred was happy to hear Howard say so, as Jackie often claims that Fred’s hatred was to blame for his long absences from the show: “That’s a convenient excuse Jackie likes to trot out from time to time.” Jackie told the crew he was proud of his ‘Snart’ album (“It’s the funniest one I’ve done.”) and hoped any Grammy voters in the audience would see fit to nominate it for an award: “It’s not begging people. It’s putting awareness out there.”

Robin sarcastically said she’d take it under consideration, so Jackie turned and shot back: “I would like you to keep me under consideration for a handjob!”