Is Howard Done With Eric the Actor?

King of All Media gets fed up after the Wack Packer starts making threats

November 8, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard got Eric the Actor on the line to sever his ties, as the Wack Packer had begun making threats in an effort to get his I.Q. test results early: “You can have the results. You’re no longer on the show. And I’m not kidding this time. I’m done with you.”

Howard couldn’t understand what Eric didn’t understand, as the IQ test bit was costly–and was done on the show just a couple months ago: “This bit cost us a lot of money…I went out of my way.” Robin was happy that Howard had finally stood up to the tiny tyrant: “I’m glad your eyes are finally open.”

Howard asked Eric to say his final words: “I’m done. Ok? So let’s say our goodbyes.”

Eric insisted he was in the right, as the show has never addressed him as Eric the Actor: “If you f’ers–if your audience wants me to start respecting you, you need to start respecting me…I hate all of you. Go to hell.”