Robin Can’t Tweet Jokes

November 10, 2010

Howard noted that Robin joked on Twitter yesterday about leaving the NYC marathon course to buy a bagel, so Robin said she was just joking: “I did finish the marathon. You can’t even tweet a slight joke these days.”

Not that it mattered: “I’m not like one of the elite runners. You know, like, [Twitter] people are screaming, ‘You left the course? That’s illegal!’ You know, for the bagel. I’m not one of the people who was going to win the race. I was just completing it.”

Howard Pressures the Staff

Howard said he’d be playing matchmaker for Robin today, but she questioned why Howard thought the mystery guest was a better match than any other guest: “Anybody could walk in here and it could work out…stop it. Because this is ridiculous.”

Howard shrugged: “This guy might be right for you. Who knows…you’ll be thanking me at your wedding.”

Howard admitted that he might not have a good handle on Robin’s taste: “Jim Florentine, I never would’ve picked for you in a million years.”

Robin laughed: “Nor would I!”

Benjy said the situation reminded him of the time he dined out with Howard and was repeatedly told to hurry up: “You pressure people. You don’t let people relax and enjoy themselves.”

Howard shot back that Benjy had caused the problem by being late in the first place: “You eat and you get done and you catch up to everyone…when I invite you to dinner, I’m your boss. Show up at a reasonable time.”