Ronnie the Limo Driver vs. Rich the Intern

November 10, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

While promoting tonight’s Intern Show, Steve Brandano said he’d be following up on Ronnie the Limo Driver’s conflict with Scott The Engineer’s intern, Rich.

Howard said he’d asked Ronnie to stay away from the ‘kid’ interns: “Why is he having interaction with anyone?”

Ronnie came in to explain: “First of all dude, he’s not a kid. He’s an adult. He’s 28 years old.”

That said, Ronnie didn’t think Rich acted like a 28-year-old: “He’s a baby.”

Rich came in to say he was used to Ronnie’s behavior by now: “He’s a grumpy old man.”

Ronnie rankled: “He wants to talk to me like an asshole, I’ll talk back to him like an asshole!”

Howard stopped him (“You’ve got too much personality.”) and turned to the sky: “Why do I keep trying to turn him into an adult? What’s wrong with me?”