Superfan Trivia Round Two: 10pt Questions

The next round of questions

November 10, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Who was the first person to ride the Sybian at Sirius?

SuperFans: Jenna Jameson.

In the ‘New Year’s Rotten Eve’ special, who played Whoopi Goldberg to Howard’s Ted Danson? Staff: Sherman Helmsley. What year did Jackie Martling join the show? SuperFans incorrectly guessed it was 1984. The correct answer is 1983. The SuperFans’ team was docked 10 points. What did Sharon Osbourne throw at the Insane Clown Posse? SuperFans: Her eyeglasses. What kitchen item did Howard’s mom throw out after learning it was made by Germans? The SuperFans incorrectly guessed it was a rolling pin, but it was an ice cream scooper. The SuperFans’ team was docked 10 points. In the Staff Revelation Contest, which staffer confessed that a former girlfriend had had an abortion? SuperFans: Richard Christy. What song won the Baba Booey Song Parody contest? The SuperFans blew it by singing the song instead of answering the question. The SuperFans’ team was docked 10 points. Who won the Angry Black/Crazy Cabbie fight? SuperFans incorrectly guessed it was Angry Black. The Staff tried to steal and guessed it was Crazy Cabbie. Both were wrong. The fight ended in a draw. Both teams were docked 10 points. What was the title of the winning film at The Howard Stern Film Festival? The SuperFans incorrectly guessed it was ‘Radio Days.’ The right answer is ‘Radio Play.’ What category did Fartman present at the Video Music Awards? Neither team ventured a guess. The correct answer: Best Metal/Hard Rock Video. What do the K and C in K.C. Armstrong’s name stand for? Staff: Kyle Casey. What is the name of the ‘vodka straight up’ girl? Neither team tried to guess. The correct answer: Danielle. What was the first name of the Jesus Twins’ manager? Staff: Jonathan.

Who is the porn star responsible for Fred’s ‘quack’-like audio drops? SuperFans: Aurora Snow. Before being crowned Miss Howard Stern, Andrea Ownby held what title? SuperFans: World’s Dumbest Stripper. Who wrote ‘When I See Beth Smiling’? SuperFans: Lonnie Heckman.