Tracy Morgan Is a Tender Guy

November 11, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Tracy Morgan stopped by to promote his new HBO special, ‘Black & Blue,’ and told the crew about his affinity for passionate sex: “You call it tender dick. When a female gets your emotions in it. Once they get you to say ‘I love you’? Oh! You got tender dick, son.”

Tracy said his large brood was proof: “I’m gonna get you pregnant and I’m old school. I don’t be pulling out. When I come in, I come in. Three fingers past the knuckle.”

Howard asked about Tracy’s most recent appearance on Letterman, saying he thought Dave was a little condescending–but Tracy disagreed: “No, I don’t think Dave is like that towards me. Because when the camera’s off, that’s my dude. I lead him down that road. On camera he’s my man too. I don’t think he’s condescending to me. I think I’m playing it like that. You can look at it one of two ways.”

Tracy’s Future Wife Is Pregnant

Tracy revealed that his girlfriend Tanisha was 4 months pregnant, but their relationship was still a little rocky: “That’s a lot for her…the spotlight is not for everybody [but] she’s still around me, man. She’s still with me.” Tracy said reports about his alleged infidelity made things especially difficult: “When you f’ with Tracy Morgan, there’s a lot of rumors out there.” What’s more, Tracy doesn’t want to stray: “I’m chillin’! I surrender!” Howard wondered if Tracy was really committed to Tanisha if he couldn’t even remember where she went to college, but Tracy thought he’d more than proved his commitment–with his wallet: “I paid for the shit. I put her through college. I got the teeth fixed and everything.” Tracy said he planned to marry her: “It was beauty that killed the f’ing beast…but nobody else better not call her beast. I’m beautiful like a motherf’er.”

‘Your Ass Was Made Right Here’

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Tracy told Howard about his father’s time in Vietnam: “My father went AWOL twice. The first time my brother was conceived. The second time I was conceived. My father showed them. He went AWOL and got some pussy.” Years later, Tracy’s father took him on a long walk in East New York: “He took me to this school–underneath the bleachers–and he said, ‘Your ass was made right here. On the spot. Alright? Doggystyle. Her ass was facing this way’…my father was real. My father went into detail.”