Howard Warms up for Billy Joel

November 16, 2010

Howard sat down at the baby grand Steinway that was set up for Billy Joel’s interview and tapped out ‘The Twilight Zone’ theme and part of ‘Louie Louie,’ singing: “Louie Louie, oh boy, gonna lay that girl.”

Howard later transitioned into “Hang On Sloopy,’ because it had the same chord progression, and ‘House of the Rising Sun.’

Robin laughed: “You play that piano like Gary pitches.”

Howard sarcastically bragged about his extensive musical knowledge: “I can entertain for 5-6 minutes. My repertoire. I always have that tool in my arsenal.”

Howard later broke: “I have absolutely no musical ability. Five years of piano lessons. My teacher killed himself and that’s what I got out of it.”

When Lisa G came in with the headlines, she joked that she’d join Howard if he ends up retiring: “I’m going to get drunk and bring in that violin if no deal is made.”