The Lisa G. Game

November 17, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Shuli came in to play The Lisa G Game with the crew, explaining that he’d three statements and the crew would have to pick the one Lisa actually said in the Howard100 Newsroom:

Round 1)

A. “Oreo Cookies have stood the test of time.” B. “Uh oh! Bowling: a dying industry.” C. “You’d think we’d have flying cars by now.” Howard picked C but both Fred and Robin went with A. Shuli said the correct answer was B.

Round 2)

A. “All I know is radio.” B. “You think any terrorists listen to the show?” C. “The blooming onion is 20 years old today.” Howard went with B and Fred with A, but both Robin and Sour Shoes nailed it–the correct answer was C.

Round 3)

A. “Marshmallows are very odd and cool at the same time.” B. “I can’t believe Michael Jackson has left us. So sad.” C. “I haven’t used a tea kettle in years.” Howard and Robin picked B but Fred nailed it–the correct answer was C.