Gary’s Endless Book Tour

November 29, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard complained that Gary’s endless ‘They Call Me Baba Booey’ promotion tour was beginning to backfire, as the media often decontextualizes Gary’s appearances and interviews and uses them to speculate about Howard:

“I feel overly discussed on all these shows. I’m happy for you. I’ve told you this. [But] I didn’t know your book promotion was going to go on for a year. Enough. It’s too much. Listen, Gary: nobody gives a damn.”

Gary said his book promotion has never interfered with his work (“I never left being a producer.”) and hadn’t grown any larger than planned: “This was all laid out by the publicist in advance.”

Howard didn’t understand the extended timetable: “I’ve never seen a book promotion go on so long. The President of the United States [didn’t] go on this long. It’s enough. We’ve gotten the word…usually it’s done in a two week period…calm down now.”

Stick to Producing, Baba Booey

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard continued to complain about Gary’s interviews: “They don’t want to talk about him. Because who cares about him? They get a hold of him and they want to talk about me.” Robin thought it made sense: “The most exciting thing about Gary is that he works with you.” Howard agreed but didn’t want Gary to serve as the show’s media representative: “I can control me. I can’t control you.” Later, after Howard again started taking shots at Gary’s book tour, Gary called it off, shouting: “I just said I’ll end it!” Howard doubtfully turned to Robin: “He’s not ending anything…he’s Baba Booey. He loves it.” Gary admitted: “Alright. I’m scaling it back.” Gary said the tour would be over by next Thursday–Howard mockingly wondered what Gary had left to do: “You were on HDNet. You’ve done it all.”