Wendy Williams Has the Glow of Success

The talk show host sits down with Howard

November 30, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Wendy Williams stopped by to promote the second season of her syndicated TV show and basked in Howard’s praise as he looked her over: “I do think I have the glow of success.”

Howard asked if she’d allowed herself to age at all, so Wendy confessed: “I have some cellulite. I don’t have stretch marks. And my tummy tuck is still sticking. Our son is 10 years old.” Wendy said she’d had the tummy tuck after her son’s birth: “I weighed 297 pounds…now maybe 175.”

She doesn’t even fault her husband for cheating on her at the time: “Nobody wanted me at that point. I wasn’t even hot.”

Howard was amazed by Wendy’s attitude about her husband’s infidelity, as Beth’s was the exact opposite: “She’s already told me, ‘I’ll bang your worst nightmare.'”

A Survey of Wendy’s Wigs and ‘Work’

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard asked Wendy about her other cosmetic procedures, so Wendy pointed at her breasts, relatively unchanged since she first got them 10 years ago: “I’ve had them changed since then but the same size.”

Wendy also confessed to Botox treatments around her eyes and forehead–but nothing below them: “I don’t do the lower part.”

Also: “Every single tooth is natural in my head.” Wendy said a lot of her procedures–and success–were the result of insecurity: “My parents led me to believe that I’m very fat. And so therein lies a 40-year quest to really love myself.”

The kids in her neighborhood weren’t any nicer: “They just called me ‘White Girl.’ And that would be the source of my wanting to be successful and ‘I’ll show ’em, I’ll show ’em.'”

Said success has afforded her a coterie of wigs: “You always have a bunch of wigs. No ‘wiggie’ has just one wig.”

A Head Knows a Head

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Wendy also opened up about her past drug use, wishing Whitney Houston would do the same: “A head knows a head and unfortunately, when she was on ‘Oprah,’ I didn’t feel like she took ownership.”

That said, Wendy wasn’t looking to rat anyone out: “If I walked in here right now and somebody was getting high, I would just, like, walk out. You know, I’m not, like, going to call the cops…I don’t want to blow anybody else’s high.”