Is This Robin’s Last Week With the Show?

December 13, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Robin reported that she has yet to sign a contract agreement with Sirius XM, so Howard asked how he’d go on (“Who will I do show with? Fred?”) and envied her position–especially if she chose to pass on a new contract: “Oh, will I be jealous.”

Robin said she had no plans after Howard’s holiday party besides her trip to Southeast Asia: “I’m going to Thailand. I hope I fall in love with it.”

Howard wondered what the show would be like without Robin: “I’ll do it with Fred but I’ve got to bring in somebody new.”

Asked if she had a plan, Robin said she didn’t even know that Howard was re-signing with Sirius XM until last week: “How could I have a plan?”

Robin later revealed that Sirius XM hadn’t even made an opening move: “I’ve never been offered anything.”