Tom Arnold on His ‘Man Love’ Tattoo and His New Marriage

Actor-comedian calls into the show ahead of his Showtime special

December 16, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Tom Arnold called in to promote his new Showtime comedy special and discuss a variety of other subjects from wives to one of his tattoos.

On Fourth and First Wives

Howard congratulated Tom on his fourth marriage and asked if he’d gotten a pre-nup this time, but Tom said he didn’t believe in them. “Never do … that’s why this is it,” Tom said.

Tom also revealed he was planning to have more kids. “We’re trying to get pregnant,” he told Howard

Robin asked if Tom ever thought of his exes—like Roseanne Barr—when he masturbated, but Tom said he didn’t. “You really think Roseanne?” Tom asked. “I can’t even remember her. No. [My mind] doesn’t go to Roseanne. Or the holocaust.”

Tom Arnold’s ‘Man Love’ Tattoo

Late in the interview, Tom told the crew he’d been so moved by the Tiananmen Square massacre that he’d run out and gotten a tattoo of the Chinese symbol for “love of mankind.”

He later learned it really meant “man love” after showing it to Chinese action star Jet Li. Jet laughed that it was a particularly aggressive symbol of homosexuality. “It’s, like, super gay. It’s not just a little gay. It’s like gay to the tenth [degree],” he explained.