John Rebello Is the Next...?

John Rebello stopped by to catch up with the show--he previously starred in the winning film at The Howard Stern Film Festival as a young Howard--and said his voice had just recently started changing: "Probably last year."

John's current ambitions lie in music: "I got myself into it when I was young. I used to dress up as John Lennon."

While John was too self-conscious to sing, he did play some guitar--a little Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here.'

Howard asked to meet John's mom: "I heard your mom was a total nudnick. Like a stagemom."

John's mom claimed she was minimally involved: I help him with letters. I help him with correspondence."

Robin asked if it was John's idea to contact the show, so his mom laughed that Robin had struck gold--John's appearance on today's show was "my idea but he happened to be involved."