Hattie Is 74 and Still Going Strong

Howard welcomed Hattie, a 74-year-old woman who loves to have sex with younger men, to the studio and noted that she used to be Robin's massage therapist. Robin laughed: "I can confirm--she's always slept with younger guys." Hattie said she didn't allow age to factor into her sexual relationships ("We're all going in the same direction.") and insisted on romantic intercourse: "I make love and so do they, sweetie." Howard joked: "And nobody throws up?"

Hattie said it was easy to be comfortable in your aging body "if you look forward to being disgusting." To demonstrate, Hattie stripped off her top--shocking Howard: "Oh-ho-ho! Look at those things! Wow. They do look youthful." Robin said Hattie had obviously had a surgeon reverse the aging process: "She has preserved her tits."

Hattie shrugged: "I love to be naked altogether. Nakedness in mind, body and spirit."

'We Sucked, We Licked, We Bit'

Hattie told the crew that her most recent sexual partner was a 35-year-old man she met on Match.com. Hattie insisted the guy wasn't looking to hook up with an older woman: "He was looking for me. There is a distinction...we're not talking old woman."

After a brief date, they retired to her bedroom: "The first time he didn't enter me...we sucked, we licked, we bit." Hattie then showed Howard her ass, but he held his tongue until she left the studio: "At 74, it's not a terrible ass, but it's nothing anyone should see."