JD Has Some Funny Thoughts

January 4, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard started the show asking JD to clearly repeat the plug he mumbles about his Twitter feed at the end of the Wrap-Up Show every day, as he couldn’t understand it yesterday.

JD said his Twitter handle was @jdharm–the feed is a repository for his humorous observations: “I have some funny thoughts, I think. Sometimes.”

Howard laughed that JD was still difficult to understand: “You know what your name should be on Twitter? @RRRRR.”

Howard also played a clip of JD discussing his weight gain on yesterday’s Wrap-Up Show (“Yeah, you know, I notice my weight. Eh–you know.”) and laughed at his new Gordon Gekko-like hairdo: “I love you, man.” J

D shrugged that he’d just started using a “holdener” to comb his hair back. Later, Howard asked why JD only had the @jdharm handle and not @jdharmeyer, so JD confessed that he didn’t know where to report the squatter who had taken that name: “I don’t know who runs Twitter!”