Paula Abdul’s New Show ‘Live to Dance’ Will Not Live Very Long

A future flop for the former American Idol judge

January 5, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard started the show reporting that he watched the premiere of Paula Abdul’s ‘Live to Dance’ last night…and hated it: “Dancing is one step above juggling. Why don’t we have America’s Greatest Juggler?”

Robin agreed, adding that dancing can rarely stand alone: “Something should be going on in front of it.”

Howard thought the show would fail: “The show probably did well in the ratings last night, but I doubt it’ll maintain. I bet you’ll see that by the second hour, everyone was gone.”

Robin said she’d enjoyed Paula’s ‘Live to Dance’ promotional tour because: “Everyone–including CBS–interviewing her had to ask if she was an alcoholic.”

Howard said Paula claimed, each time she was asked, that she’d never been high: “And that’s even more creepy. Because that means she’s mental.”