The Side-Effects Don’t Sound So Bad

Gary reports that pregnant women aren't supposed to be exposed to Propecia

January 5, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Gary Dell’Abate reported that pregnant women aren’t supposed to be exposed to Propecia, so Howard turned to Sal: “Get me some of that in case Beth gets pregnant.”

Sal Governale laughed at the potential side-effects: “Rub it on her belly! ‘Oh what a shame. Look what’s in the toilet. There’s some gelatin in the toilet with an arm.'”

Gary went on to list other side-effects, including testicular pain (Sal paused: “I do have tingles in my balls. That’s funny.”) and loss of libido. Richard piped up: “Well, he hasn’t been watching as many piss videos lately.”

Sal was most worried about his respiratory system (“It’s strange. I get short-winded.”) and hoped the side-effects weren’t somehow more present in his discount pills: “I went to an Indian website. So I hope I’m taking the right stuff.”