Wake Up Hannity, Republicans Can’t Be Right All of the TIme

January 10, 2011

Robin asked if Howard planned to do Sean Hannity’s show, but Howard didn’t think he stomach it: “How do you become a Republican to the point where, you only believe in the Republican agenda? […] There’s got to be something you don’t like. How can you go along with every single thing in their agenda?” Howard said he recently saw Sean fawn over George Bush: “You can’t think of anything George Bush did wrong? Even in retrospect, you can’t see that Iraq was completely wrong? You can’t see that this guy was in bed with the oil companies? You can’t see that there was a complete collapse of the banking system?” Robin said Sean was too beholden to the Republican agenda to question its basest missions, like less government oversight and fewer regulations. Howard laughed: “Some things do need to be regulated. Not everyone is super honest.” Robin said the party also had high hopes for Bush’s legacy: “They’re still beating the drum that in time, he will be [considered] a great president.” Howard didn’t understand: “I find that stuff ridiculous. It’s just crazy.