Weir in the Bedroom: ‘I Like A Guy — A Man.’

January 11, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Asked to name his ideal man, Johnny picked Justin Timberlake: “That sort of type. With the scruff and the hair and, you know, because I’m sort of feminine. So, I mean, I like a guy–a man.”

But he’s not strictly a bottom: “I like to try whatever happens.” Howard laughed: “Well, you seem like a fun guy. I’d go out with you.” Johnny said he was ‘platinum’: “I like to call it a platinum gay, the ones that will flip.”

Johnny said he knew he was gay at 6 years old: “I was watching ‘Pretty Woman’ with my family and I wanted–desperately–to be Julia Roberts.”

Howard wondered if he’d ever had a woman, so Johnny said he’d only kissed his girlfriends for practice: “I have seen the small man in the boat but I’ve never licked it.” Johnny also speculated that he could finish when receiving anal sex (“If it’s good, yes. [But] it’s never happened. No one’s been that good yet.”) and bragged about his oral sex prowess: “Well, I’ve got a larger bottom lip than a top one, so that may give me an advantage.”