Tomorrow the Staff Psych Results Will Be Revealed

January 18, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Gary told the crew he’d taken a look at the results from the staff psych exams: “There’s one person who has a lot of issues going on.”

Howard said he’d bet money that the person was Ronnie the Limo Driver: “He’s the wackiest. I should know. I’m in the car with him every day.”

Howard asked if the person might have to be committed immediately, and Gary nodded: “All jokes aside? In a way, maybe.” Ronnie came in to ask what Howard’s problem was: “Take me out in a straightjacket. I don’t give a shit.”

Howard took him seriously: “What’s your straightjacket size?” Ronnie played along: “42 regular.” Gary told Howard to keep his eye on Benjy too, as he’s been the most apprehensive participant: “He’s been trying to get all the information out of us. He’s so worried.”