The Psych Test Results: The Not-So-Sane

January 19, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Dr. Magids cited Robin as the third-craziest, because of a 94-point score on the narcissism scale: “Higher than [Fred] and higher than Benjy.”

She edged out Benjy–despite also having a ‘histrionic’ score of 74–because she’s a rare kind of narcissist: she cares about others.

Dr. Magids said Robin just wasn’t hostile: “You scored a zero, meaning you don’t have that trait.”

Benjy came in as the second-craziest, due to a score of 80 on the histrionic scale and an anti-social personality features that registered a 71.

Robin regretted taking the test, as she thought Howard was sure to bring it up in every argument, and asked Dr. Magids if she knew if someone might be smart enough to skew any psych exam. Dr. Magids said she did, so Robin pointed at Howard: “There’s one right there.”

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Which left Ronnie, whose report read “RESULTS SEVERE” across the top.

Here are Ronnie’s scores that topped 75–making them ‘major issues’: Narcissistic personality disorder: 109. Histrionic personality features: 79. Paranoid features: 77. Passive-aggressive features: 77. Dr. Magids commended Howard for keeping Ronnie in check, as his personality traits are put to good use in his security position–things could be much worse “if Ronnie did not have this structure…[the job] normalizes the pathology.”