Did Robin Quivers Try to Get Into Bed With Howard?

New details about the time the Stern Show co-host tried to have a little too much fun at Howard's dinner party

January 24, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard said he’d recently thrown a dinner party and gone to bed early–while most of the guests were still partying–and was woken by none other than Robin Ophelia Quivers: “All of a sudden, Robin was in my bedroom…you wanted it so bad.” Robin laughed that things might have gone further, but, “I chickened out.” Howard crowed: “You wanted it! I could tell…she must have been so wasted.” Robin admitted she’d been drinking and had gotten lost while looking for the guest room: “I saw flickering lights, and said, ‘No, this can’t be right.'” Howard speculated that Robin was led to his room by subconscious desire: “You don’t think there was something to that?” Robin conceded the point: “There are no accidents.” Howard wished she hadn’t backed out: “It wouldn’t have been the worst thing that happened to you.”