To Be Clear, There Is No ‘K’ In Howard Stern’s Name

January 24, 2011
Write that out to 'Howard Stern' with no 'K' Write that out to ‘Howard Stern’ with no ‘K’ Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Early in the show, Howard complained that he’d received a check meant for Howard K. Stern in the mail: “It’s a check for fourteen bucks.” Howard said he knew it wasn’t just a typo because the social security number on the check isn’t his–but didn’t know how he’d been tracked down by people looking for Howard K. Stern: “Who are they and how do they confuse me–how did they even get my address?”

Howard said the confusion had really unsettled him: “It’s such a mystery that I can’t even figure it out. I need forensic accounting to figure it out.”

Robin thought Howard should put aside his vulnerability and forward the check to Howard K. Stern, as the expense of legal representation can’t be good for his widely-publicized financial troubles: “I’m sure he needs every dime that he makes.”