Dr. Laura Is Nasty

January 27, 2011

Still angry about Sirius XM’s new contract with Dr. Laura, Howard pulled up her infamous nude photo set and recoiled at “her whole legs spread with the big giant bush. What a pig!” Even Fred didn’t remember the photos being so nasty: “She was so foul!” Gary was more grossed out by Laura’s attempt at a seductive grin: “Look at the smile on her face.” Howard leaned in to focus: “Look at all the hair her asshole has…do me a favor. Blow this up and hang it in my office. To remind me what an asshole she is.” Gary shuddered at the sight: “It looks like she’s wearing a throw rug.” Howard tried to explain: “They come out of her ass–and not just at the base but all the way up.” Benjy laughed: “It looks like your head.” Howard agreed: “She’s part man.”