Out with the Old Social Media, In With the New

February 7, 2011
Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Howard said Twitter was his new favorite social networking site: “I don’t even go on Facebook anymore. I’m done with Facebook.”

The difference, Howard felt, was relevance: “Facebook, all of a sudden, looks old to me.”

Howard said he didn’t know why he resisted for so long: “Vinnie [Favale] got me started doing it and then I said, ‘Ok. This isn’t so bad’…what can I say? I was wrong.”

Howard laughed at Facebook’s most recent attempt at relevance–a Super Bowl commercial for a car that can update your Facebook status–was laughable: “That sounds like it has more crash potential than DUIs. You don’t want to miss a message from a guy who knew you in 5th grade! And the girl who wouldn’t bang you in high school.”