Hord-Won TV Lessons

February 7, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard began citing what Piers has done wrong so far, like an hour-long interview with the Kardashian sisters, but Piers was ready to admit the error: “I have no problem saying to you when we go wrong.”

Howard said the error only further proved why Piers was so off-base with his claim to the ‘King of All Media’ throne: “It’s an overconfidence. It’s an arrogance.”

Piers was incredulous: “Coming from you? You’re accusing me of arrogance? Howard Stern?!”

Howard snapped: “I have proven myself in America. I went from market to market. I did New York. I did Philly. I did LA.”

Piers replied that his approach was his own: “I’m a TV star. It’s different. There’s more pressure. I have to look good, too. I’m better known than you. I am.”