Bill Murray on ‘Ghostbusters 3,’ the Oscars, and His Sweet Life

February 22, 2011

Howard also asked why Bill continued to be the lone holdout for ‘Ghostbusters 3,’ so Bill explained: “I guess I’m the problem. Before I was an asset. Now I’m a problem.”

Bill said he had the script somewhere (“I haven’t read it yet.”) and liked his ‘Ghostbusters’ co-stars (“We really are funny together.”) but hadn’t taken the time to consider the project: “It’s not the foremost thing in my mind right now so I don’t think about it.”

Asked about losing the Oscar for Best Actor to Sean Penn, Bill said an Oscar nomination was a 6-month sickness: “It’s almost like getting a small virus for a while. Because you get a real kind of weird inflated sense of yourself…I had a condition I didn’t even know about…it’s sort of an infection to be nominated for an Oscar. I mean, it’s an honor and everything, but you can–it’s sort of–it’s real subtle. Kind of like ego poisoning.”

When Howard asked if he was a rich man, Bill shrugged: “I never really had a crappy deal in the movies unless, you know, when you work with a friend.”

Bill said he’s also done well by investing in minor league baseball teams: “The baseball business is a good business, Howard.”

Beyond enjoying his wealth, he likes to golf or amuse himself and others with impromptu–and often uninvited–appearances at bars and parties: “As long as you bring something…as long as you behave well and are willing to, you know, dance, people are OK with you at the party.”