The Joy of Social Media: Howard Live-Tweets ‘Private Parts’

February 22, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard started off the show by discussing his new obsession with Twitter, thanking a Twitter-using fan for alerting him to a recent HBO airing of ‘Private Parts.’

During the movie, Howard tweeted some behind-the-scenes details as he watched: “People seemed to like that. So then I tweeted again. I said, ‘You know…’ So then, as each scene went by, I began to tweet.”

Howard live-tweeted the rest of the movie, and the media reaction was enormous: “Turns out it was brilliant…the guy who owns Twitter even said, ‘This is how I always envisioned it being used.'”

Howard said he had no idea that what he was doing was “this revolutionary new thing,” but the constant contact with his fans made being off the air very easy: “I didn’t feel like I was on vacation.”