Scott Ruined the Photoshoot

February 28, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Late in the show, Howard complained that Scott the Engineer couldn’t pull up one of Sirius XM’s own channels on the in-studio speakers during Friday’s Rolling Stone photoshoot: “You would’ve thought I asked to go to the moon.”

After Howard asked to hear Shade 45, Scott took 25 minutes to pull up a station–and when he did, it only played for a few minutes: “They put it on for a few minutes and then it was off. They turned it off! I don’t know. I ask for the impossible around here.”

Scott came in to say the problem was with Sirius’ internal feed system: “I put it on the way we normally pick the music…and then it died. That had nothing to do with me.”

Scott also claimed he’d been relieved of DJ duty: “Ralph said, ‘I’ll take care of it.'” Howard dismissed Scott’s explanations, thinking he was still somehow responsible: “Thanks again. You know how much more handsome I would’ve been if I had music? You ruined my looks.”