Howard and Robin Play David Spade’s Hollywood Twitter Game

March 7, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard said David Spade had written to tell him about a Twitter-based game he and his friends in Hollywood play called “How Many Followers?” Gary then came in with a list of celebrities and their Twitter follower totals and Howard and Robin took guesses at how many followers each celeb had.

Check out the game results (below).

Danny Devito: Howard guessed 12K. Robin guessed 1M. Correct answer: 1.27M.

William Shatner: Howard guessed 2M. Robin guessed 48K. Correct answer: 500K.

Kathy Griffin: Howard guessed 100K. Robin guessed 150K. Correct Answer: 650K.

Jon Favreau: Howard guessed 83K. Robin guessed 1M. Correct answer: 934K.

Nick Cannon: Howard guessed 1M. Robin guessed 2M. Correct answer: 2.2M.

Mariel Hemingway: Howard guessed 700K. Robin guessed 200K. Correct answer: 429K.

Guiliana Rancic: Howard guessed 120K. Robin guessed 500K. Correct answer: 2M.

Penn Jillette: Howard guessed 1M. Robin guessed 56K. Correct answer: 1.6M.

Jon Daly: Howard guessed 375K. Robin guessed 46K. Correct answer: 107K.

Rainn Wilson: Howard guessed 300K. Robin guessed 1.5M. Correct answer: 2.2M.

Roger Ebert: Howard guessed 1M. Robin guessed 3M. Correct answer: 370K.

Using the closest-without-going-over “Price Is Right” rule, Robin was declared the winner with eight correct answers to Howard’s three.