Scott DePace’s Creepy Father-Son Game

March 8, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard played a clip from yesterday’s Wrap-Up Show in which Scott DePace described a ‘game’ he’d come up with to get his son ready for bed: for every ball he his baseball-obsessed kid drops playing catch, one article of clothing must come off.

Scott came in to explain that it wasn’t as creepy as it sounds: “He didn’t want to get dressed for bed so I made up a game.”

Robin thought the game’s premise could easily be exploited: “I hope the local pervert doesn’t discover your game.”

Scott said the game quickly got uncomfortable–because of injury, not creepiness: “It lasted until he got hurt. He tripped…because he wanted to dive for every one.”

Scott continued to phrase things in a way that raised eyebrows: “We had to finish with his ankle up in the air.”