Howard’s 35lb Coffee Table Book

Inspired by Bob Dylan, Howard plans his own massive tome.

March 10, 2011

Early in the show, Howard said he’d been given a coffee table book about Bob Dylan that must weigh 15lbs, so he planned to top it with a 35lb book of his own: “The size of a small child. It’ll be beautiful.” Howard said he always thought the fans would appreciate a career-spanning compendium: “Like a really classy one with all the memorabilia from all the years.” The book might even feature the product of Howard’s latest hobby: “Beth says my photography is getting really good. She wants me to shoot her next cover.” Howard said he was unsure when Beth first brought it up: “I told her I’m not available. I don’t feel ready now. Now I know what I don’t know. Before I didn’t know what I don’t know.” But he trusts his instincts: “I can capture her beauty.