Happy Birthday, Bianca

It's the big day for Howard's beloved bulldog.

March 17, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard noted that today was Bianca’s 9th birthday, saying that it was somewhat bittersweet because 9 was old for an English Bulldog. Howard said he was touched this morning when Beth went to take Bianca for a walk this morning Bianca wouldn’t go until Howard joined them. He added that, as they got off the elevator in the lobby of their building, Beth announced that Ronnie had been in the building. When Howard asked what made her so sure, she said that she could smell the telltale scent of Mambo. Howard didn’t think so because he didn’t think Ronnie ever came into the building, however, the doorman confirmed that the scented limo driver had come in a little earlier. Ronnie laughed that everyone loved Mambo, but Howard didn’t think leaving a scent trail was much of a compliment.