A Smell Has Been Traced to JD’s Mouth

March 17, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard said that some of the guys in the back had been complaining about the smell emanating from JD’s office lately. While some thought it was from the fast food garbage in his office, Howard thought the source of the smell was JD himself, more specifically his breath.

Howard asked if JD brushed his teeth at night but JD said he didn’t because he was usually in bed by 8:00, which made Howard wonder if JD’s toothbrush stopped working after 8:00.

Howard then prescribed a dental health regimen for JD that included using Stim-U-Dent toothpicks to clean between the teeth and keep his gums healthy and use Mentadent toothpaste.

Will came in to confirm Howard’s diagnosis calling JD’s breath heinous saying that he usually had to hold his breath around JD and suggested that JD use bleach to keep his mouth clean.