Robin vs Gary: The Great Milk Debate

March 22, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Referencing a conversation from yesterday, Robin repeated that milk was to blame for the phlegm in Gary’s throat: “Milk creates mucus in your system.”

At first, Howard was on board: “Robin, you’re right. He can’t clear his throat.”

Gary thought Robin was way off base: “You sound like a retarded woman. I understand how it works.”

Robin insisted she was right, citing Gary’s foot fungus as proof: “What a fungus is is an opportunistic infection, Gary, and it attacks you when your immune system is low. I’m just saying that what you’re putting in your body is not building you. It’s tearing you down.”

Gary said he was under the impression that we need dairy in our diet, but Robin shook her head: “That’s what people tell you who want you to drink milk.”

In a Way, She’s a Milk Expert

Gary said Robin’s argument defied debate: “It’s like I’m dealing with a conspiracy theorist.”

Howard thought it was just ironic: “It’s funny that you’re against milk and yet your breasts are so full of milk.”

Robin laughed: “Well, I’m not going to be feeding Gary.”