Howard on Chris Brown: ‘Handle It Like A Gentleman’

March 23, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard next focused his ire on the violence-prone R&B sensation, Chris Brown, who–just yesterday–broke out a green room window at ‘Good Morning America’: “He needs a shot of Thorazine. They ought to lock him away for a couple years. This kid’s insane. What a scary thug.”

Chris reportedly didn’t want to be asked about his past, an attitude Howard thought was naive: “Handle it like a gentleman. Say, ‘Look, it’s part of my past. I think I’m in a better place now. And I’m glad you asked me about it, quite frankly. I want people to know that I got my shit together.'”

Robin agreed, with one caveat–his actions can never be left in the past: “It’s always something he’s going to have to explain.”