Is There A Staff-wide Drinking Problem?

March 28, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard said his doctor has asked him to avoid alcohol for the next 3 weeks after a liver test’s results raised a flag. Howard blamed the drinks he’d had the night before: “The test came out a little high because I’d been drinking wine…I really don’t think I drink a lot. I really don’t.”

Robin agreed that Howard didn’t have a drinking problem–but she had one concern: “[It’s] what you say about your drinking. You use it for comfort.”

Robin went on to say she once left a staff party (the ‘Private Parts’ wrap celebration) in distress after observing the staff in a near-uniform drunken state. She claimed that she wanted to stop collecting wine, as she rarely drinks anymore and never to get buzzed: “I like how it enhances the taste of food.”

Fred didn’t understand: “To me that’s like saying you don’t f’ unless it’s for procreation.”