The Year of the Racist Filthy Dirty Clown

March 28, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Yucko bristled (“Why don’t you take that heeb to Maui?”), saying he was never that close with Richie: “We mostly just sent ni**er jokes back and forth.”

Yucko also took aim at Gary, who he blamed for his long absence from the show: “I’m back, you cocksucking monkey! You piece of monkey shit!”

Yucko also commended Howard’s ‘Rolling Stone’ cover, referencing the mag’s new smaller size: “How’d they fit your nose on the cover?” Howard saw new life in Yucko: “That’s the Yucko we like…I think this is the year of the racist, filthy, dirty clown.”

Richie agreed: “Now we’re friends again.”