Bix Stone: Ex-Google Guy Made Good

March 30, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Twitter co-founder, Biz Stone stopped by to meet the crew’s Twitterers and described how he quit Google to start his own company: “For the first year or so, I was taking out my calculator and saying, ‘Oh my God. If I’d stayed…'”

After his first company failed, he dispatched the other co-founders to come up with something new–they wrote the code for Twitter in two weeks: “Originally, people were pretty underwhelmed.”

Asked why there were frequent shake-ups in Twitter’s upper management, Biz explained: “There’s a lot of people involved. There’s a whole board of directors…Twitter, as a service, has almost become this living, breathing thing that needs what it needs when it needs it. And needs who it needs when it needs it. And so we recognize that: ‘Ok, you need to step down while you need to step up. Now you need to come back, you need to go away’…it’s a testament to the ‘egolessness’ of my co-founders.”